Boston Red Devils’ Shouts Of Victory
Bostonkorea  2010-07-21, 12:47:09 
HyunCheon Kim
Translated by Kelly Choi

Chant “Dae Han Min Kook” Unites Us.  Let’s Get Into The Quarter Finals!

Last Tuesday, when the Korean national soccer team secured a spot in the top 16 of the World Cup, the Red Devils’ shout of victory resonated everywhere in Boston, and Koreans enjoyed the sweetness following  victory against Greece.

The cheering during the Nigeria match was even more passionate and organized than during the match against Greece on the 12th and match against Argentina on the 17th, because it was the last chance to get into the top 16s.

That day, before the game began at 2:30, roughly 250 students and Koreans gathered in Korean restaurants in Allston, and supported the Korean national soccer team unanimously. Cheers ,sighs, and voices of encouragement were heard continuously.

Korean restaurants, including the Korean Garden, Myundong 1 Ave, and Sik Gak, were full of Red Devils, and some Japanese, American, and international students tagging along with Korean students were seen as well..

There was a family with three children, including an infant. They were all wearing Red Devil T-shirts, and had brought a Korean national flag to support the team.

The Red Devils were solemn during the Korean national anthem, but as soon as the game started they all voiced their desire to win, chanting “Go Korea!”

However, they sighed when Nigeria scored the first goal 12 minutes into the first half. Despite that, they kept on cheering the team on with shouts of “Let’s go!” and “Go Korea!,” and they let out a sigh of frustration, whenever the player Park Joo Young failed to make a single goal off of the many assists that were sent his way.

However, they supported the Korean team with the popular chant “Dae Han Min Kook.’ At one point, a girl was seen to be praying for a goal.

When Lee Jung Soo scored an equalizer thirty-eight minutes into the first half, the supporters went wild. They all stood up and shouted, “Victory!” That was the moment when the Koreans were united as one nation.

The first half ended in a tie, and the supporters toasted the top 16s while taking a breather.
The second half was even more intense. Supporters yearned for just one more point. Four minutes into the second half, Park Joo Young scored a point with free kick, and the moment the Korean team turned around, everyone stood up and hurrahed. Every Korean came together at the moment.

The Red Devils hoped that the team would step up their defense. Despite this hope, Nigeria scored another point, and tied it 2 to 2. The Red Devils longed for another point, but the game was finished tied. Their place in the top 16s having been confirmed, the Red Devils thanked the national soccer team and applauded.

After the game, Park Joo Young’s free kick came up in conversations. People said it was delightful.
“Park Joo Young’s free kick was the most exciting moment. I think he did his role. I am a little bit sorry that it was a tied game. We could have won.” said Sung Lyong Lee, a traveler to Boston.

“Park Joo Young’s free kick was a good moment. Nigeria is in better physical condition, but we have a stronger heart. ” said In-ji Jeon.

Roughly 20 to 30 Koreans were gathered at Kayuga, the PC Cafe in Allston, the New Seoul BBQ in Canton, and the Shibuya in Harvard Square, to support the Korean national soccer team, hoping to get into the top 16s.
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