Sam Yoon To Leave Boston
Bostonkorea  2010-07-21, 14:10:41 
MyongSool Chang
Translated by Kelly Choi

As Executive Director of a Non-profit  Organization
Boston Organizations Reluctant to Hire Sam Yoon

Sam Yoon is leaving Boston not of his own will. Yoon, who has been seeking employment around Boston for last six months after losing the mayoral election, couldn’t get a job because of non-profit organizations’ reluctance to hire him.

Yoon is moving to Washington D.C this coming August. He will be taking a position as the Executive Director of National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations. He will move to Falls Church, Va., in Fairfax County, near his parents-in law’s house.

He has already started working as a part timer in the organization. The Boston Phoenix, which had supported Sam Yoon during the mayoral election, broke his decision at first time last Saturday, and the Boston Globe featured a detailed interview in last Tuesday’s edition.

Sam Yoon has said that he has been seeking a leadership position for a non-profit organization since he lost the last mayoral election, and Governor Patrick had been helping him out. However, due to the recession and downsizing in the state budget, the government was unable to give him a position. Most of the non-profit organizations working closely with the city of Boston passed on Yoon because of his harsh critics to Mayor Thomas Menino during the campaign.

“I thought it would be difficult if I proved unable to beat Manino, who has served as mayor for the last 16 years, but I did not anticipate it would be this difficult to get a job. Also, an organization that my friend works for received notice that ‘the city will not work with the organization as long as Sam Yoon is involved,’” said Sam Yoon, in an interview with Boston Korea.

Yoon was the first Asian-American candidate to win an at-large council seat, and the first candidate to win on the first attempt. He won the second term of the position by winning 3rd place in 2007. At that time, political observers said he would be a strong candidate for the mayoral election in 2013. However, he rushed to run for a mayor.
Yoon challenged Thomas Menino, but placed third in the 2009 primary election then he joined Michael Flaherty as his running mate for lieutenant governor. However, he was still unable to win election.

He agreed to the political observers that he might have had a better political future if he had been more patient. “I always consider what Boston needs. I am not in politics to build my political career. I only thought about what I could make difference. As an Asian and as a Korean, I did not have Korean or Asian role model to take care of my political career,” said Yoon.

He said his only regret is to be leaving Boston’s Korean community. He expressed his appreciations for his close relationship with the Boston Korean Community.
He made clear that he has not given up in politics, and that he will be back to Boston soon. The exact time and plans have not been made yet, but he expects to return after three to four years of serving for the non-profit organization in Washington.
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