KSNE Finally Bought Its Own Home After 50 Years of Rental
Bostonkorea  2010-12-13, 16:12:18 
HyunCheon Kim
Translated By Soyeon Lee

KSNE’s open house 5 months after purchasing the new KSNE center
Chairman, hoping to move to a larger residential building in 5 years

KSNE held an open house for their newly bought KSNE center after purchasing it back in June.  On Sunday of 28th, Han-Sun Yu, President of KSNE invited local Koreans to the new building located on the Woburn Campbell Street for the opening ceremony event which included putting up the ‘Korean Society of New England’  signboard.

Although, KSNE held the open house event, the moving is actually expected to take place early next year. Han-Sun Yu, President of KSNE said that the KSNE center is a gathering place for the Koreans as well as a place that can help keep the prestige of Koreans. Also, he asked for a lot of support and encouragement for the KSNE.

In addition, KSNE President expressed his gratitude for accomplishing his first goal that he set up at the time of his inauguration during this presidential term.

Yen Namgyung, Former Korean Community Center Building Committee Chairman, terminated the building committee and recreated it as ‘Trust’ which will take a role as the Korean Community Center Operation and asset management. He also said he was a vision of “moving the current building to even larger commercial complex building in next 5 year.”

According to the former president, Yen NamKung, the new Korean community center is “not the end” but he asks for “the support of the Korean community for the future construction of a better community center.”

Through the progress report, President NamKung showed the KSNE’s starting fund,$63,000, back in November of 1977 and with the massive support from the Korean community for last 33 years, with fund amount of $250,000, they were able to purchase the new building.

Especially from September of 2009 to October of this year, $160,000 was collected and President Nam emphasized the “a force of the unity of the Korean community.”

On the day of the event, local Koreans looked around the building and was said that they were satisfied with the building “because although it a small scale, it feels like I have built my own house.” But some of the local Koreans pointed out the inconvenience of the location for the locals and Korean students to visit often and how the small size of the building would not be accommodating for the large number of Koreans to have gatherings.  

1000 sq. ft. sized building is divided into three spaces for the living and office room, meeting room, and the bathroom.

In the middle of the meeting room, there is a long table with 12 seats. One of the wall is filled with framed photographs of 12 former KSNE Presidents while the bookshelves are on the other side of the wall.

According to President Han-Sun Yu, the newly established KSNE building will be open to Koreans at the early 2011, Monday through Friday from 10am till 4pm. But President Yu recommended to call or make an appointment before visiting the center. The telephone number will be the same.

Meanwhile, for the opening ceremony, around 100 Koreans attended including Ju-Suk Kim, General Consular of Boston, Kyung-No Lee, President of the Korean Union of North, and Larry Guiseppe, Director of Veterans services of Woburn. Also, Dong-Su Lee, President of Korean Association of Rhode Island, IL Suh, President of Korean Association of New Hampshire, Jong-Gyu Han, President of Korean Association of Connecticut , and Chan-Rye Park, President of Korean Association of Mid-New Jersey attended as well to congratulate. 

According to Kyung-No Lee, KSNE’s building has the meaning of the second Korean community center built within its community’s own fund after the Korean community center of Northeastern region of New York.

President Lee said since the Community center was built on the basis of their own community supporting, he hopes the building becomes the gathering place for the elders, students and many other ages of Koreans.

General Consular of Boston, Ju-Suk Kim, also congratulated and emphasized the establishment of the new community center as “the milestone of the Korean community.” General Consular Kim said he hopes the KSNE communicates with the American businesses by hosting various events and “Korean society is respected and accepted, and hope the community center is used well for this purpose.” Kim thanked the Korean Community Center Building Committee, Korean Association, and the Koreans in each Korean organizations for their efforts put into building the center; he also did not forget to thank the Korean Government for supporting the fund.

Meanwhile, at this event, Larry Guiseppe, Director of Veterans services of Woburn attended in the absence of Woburn Mayor, Scott Galvin and delivered the letter of appreciation as the congratulatory for the opening of the new center.

Lastly, the Construction Committee thanked and gave appreciation plaque to the General Consulate of Boston, Korean-American Senior Center of Boston, United Methodist Church of North Boston, Korean School of New England, Sang-Ryul Ha, Young-Chul Lee(President of the Mido Korea), and Bok-Ja Kim for their generosity.

According to President Nam , Sang-Ryul Ha really started up the donation process by willingly donating $10,000 back in 2009, President Yong-Chul Lee donate while supporting his two children’s education in Boston. Also, Bok-Ja Kim, the wife of Chairman Sung-In Kim helped around decorating the interior of the newly established center.
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