Boston Korea College Fair Receives Fervent Response
보스톤코리아  2011-05-16, 16:22:08 
HyunCheon Kim
Translated by SeungYeon Woo

After attending the college fair on May 7th , Jin Woo Song, a 9th grader, said, “Many words from the college fair motivated me. I thought college entrance was still far off from me; however I now can figure out the way to prepare for it.” A 10th grader, Da Eun Song, who accompanied Jin Woo Song said, “The college fair was a chance to know what kind of students colleges in the United States want.”

Parents and students who attended the college fair , held from 3:30pm to 7:30pm at St. John Church in Lexington on May 7th, were very satisfied that they received practical and helpful information. Also they appreciated how the Korean community provides college entrance information free for Korean students.
Many of the parents said they honestly “came to the fair without full expectations; however they were glad to receive much more information than they thought," and they hoped for a repeat of the event.

The president of St. John Korean School, Hyun Kyung Lee said, “I was pleased how the professionals were there enthusiastically to care for the students’ future.” Also she felt “the time went too fast for the college fair.”

About 150 people attended the event and most of them were high school students’ parents. Some parents arrived 1 hour early and waited for the event, and some were accompanied by their children. Also, only a father with his children attracted attention to how parents appeared enthusiastic about the college fair.

The lecture presenters (listed in order of presentation) were: Sean Smeland (Senior Instructor from SA(Harvard Square Academy); Dan Garyson (Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Tufts University); Mike Batini (College Board, Vice President and Formerly Director of Financial Aid at Brown University); Sang Won Lee (CEO of SSL Academic Partnering); Angela Um ( CEO of Boston Academy Consulting Group); Jun Ki Jung (CEO Boston Education World); and Stephen Friedfeld (Chief Operating Officer of Equalapp).

Each speaker spent 30 minutes lecturing and providing major points about strategies to get high scores in the SAT, college application submission, information about financial aid, preparation for entering high rank colleges, and strategies to write college essays. Also, they offered question and answer sessions. Parents prudently took notes during the lectures.

Seung Hee Kang, who has an 11th grade child said, “I am very pleased that I could receive information from different kinds of professionals at one place on one day." On the other hand, she said, “if this kind of event was held earlier, it would have been more helpful.”

Young Tae Kim, who has a 10th grade child, said, “I did not expect much because I thought I would be receiving similar information he used to reach from books and online sources; however, I unexpectedly gained practical and specific information.” Clearly, he was satisfied with the event.

Downstairs from the lecture hall, counseling booths were prepared, and it was crowded with 11th graders and their parents. They counseled about colleges that students can apply to, students’ inadequacy, college essay preparation, consulting and fees for preparation classes.

Also, graduate students from Harvard University were present for one-to-one mentoring for students who look forward to college entrance. They provided college life information and advice based on their own vivid personal experience.

Jae Hee Kwon, one of the parents, said, “I wish more events like this would be provided for Korean students, and I was glad to find the Korean community’s improvement through the event.”

Myung Sool Chang, the President of Boston Korea and a supervisor of the event, commented, “Since it was the first time holding the college fair, progression of the events was somewhat uneven and not so smooth. For the next college fair, I am thinking that in order to make the best use of both counsel and lecture, counseling with students will be before the lecture. I would like to have a lot of feedback about the event.”

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