A family full of love and endless debate
보스톤코리아  2012-05-21, 11:37:32 
By HyunCheon Kim
Translated SeungYeon Woo

Han-jung Lee (Arnold, 11th grade) and Eugene Lee (9th grade), two Korean-American brothers won the 2012 Championship for the Massachusetts Forensic League as a team and they have greatly increased the prestige of Asian students.

The Lee brothers, who currently attend Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School, entered the 2012 Championship for the Massachusetts Forensic League on March 31st and won the first place. Also, Han-jung, who was selected as the Top Speaker, will be participating in the National Catholic Forensic League Tournament on May 25th in Baltimore, MD and will compete with other winners from different states.

“I was glad to compete with participants from different kinds of regions. Since it was the state league, everyone prepared very well and it was intensely competitive. As it was more competitive, I enjoyed it more.” said Han-jung Lee about the state league. He also added, “I'm preparing even more for the national league by spending an extra amount of time on researching the topic.”

The debate topic of the league is given to participants prior to the league and they have to prepare their debate on both the pros and cons of the topic. In order to make a successful debate, they research and collect related information from magazines, newspapers or online databases and they use their research information to support their opinion and give evidence while they engage in debate. They continue to practice debate regardless of time and place, either when they are having dinner or traveling by car.

Han-jung said, “The reason I started to participate on the debating league is because I like competing by using my knowledge. The forensic league is even called an intellectual sport. As I began to debate, I started to see things and events objectively rather than with a biased view.”
“When you debate on the side of both pro and con, one way to win the debate is by highlighting a small thing as a big issue,” said Eugene.

A debate is successfully delivered when it is prepared thoroughly and evenly with broad knowledge, improvisation, abundant linguistic ability (pronunciation, vocabulary) and coherent persuasion. Therefore, it requires an enormous amount of everyday practice.
The brothers’ father, Young-ho Lee, said, “As like any kind of sports, debate also needs to be practiced for a long time.”

“The ability to debate is not an inborn talent. It requires a lot of effort. Korean students can surely challenge when they are highly motivated to debate with full of enthusiasm.
In fact, the brothers' parents greatly influenced their children's interest in debate. The parents have raised Han-jung and Eugene by respecting their opinions and teaching them to make their own judgments through trial and error. “Whether they are doing things right or wrong, I just corrected them logically and I waited with patience and love until they realized themselves what is right and what is wrong, said the father.
“My family never stops debating. Most Korean parents raise their children very oppressively but I think it does not help at all.”

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