Feel Korean Holiday Scent at Korean Market
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The Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok, is just around the corner, on September 29th; however, there are only a few Koreans in Boston who are busy preparing traditional food for the memorial service. It is quite difficult to celebrate the Korean traditional holiday while living in America. For that reason, Most churches and temples are used to celebrating the Chuseok celebration for Koreans instead of personal celebration.

However, since this year’s Chuseok is during the last weekend of September, Korean Americans are hoping to celebrate more properly than in previous years.They still can enjoy the traditional festival by sharing gifts with family and neighbors without following the original tradition to set up the memorial service table with newly harvested grains and fruits. In expectation of this, the Korean markets have already prepared Chuseok gift items.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, H Mart in Burlington is offering 10% off of all items on the online market, ‘Hanareum Asian Mart’ (800-648-0908). The event is continuing until Sunday, Sep. 30.th From the 26th to the 28th, about 20 kinds of items are being sold, including Koreanpears, plum tea, job’s tears tea, and other Nonghyup, Agricultural Co-op, products. Also,songpyeon, a Korean traditional rice cake for Chuseok, is on sale with taste samples at the side-dishes section.

On the other hand, Reliable Market in Somerville, with a new owner, has not put up any fruit boxes on sale. Instead, they brought out songpyeon, different kinds of rice cakes, mung bean pancakes, and other traditional food that are homemade.

ShinShinOriental Grocery Store, located in Lawrence, prepared both fruit boxes and traditional rice cakes and pancakes, including fish pancakes and meat pancakes. Moreover, beef short ribs for steamed Kalbi, another Chuseok traditional food, are on sale.

Chung GE Oriental Market in Ayer also has songpyeon and Korean Shingo pears. They also have a sale event for Bulgogi, Kalbiand Korean alcoholic beverages (Baekseju, Makgeolli, Soju).
Meanwhile, there are probably many women who are worrying about their dry skin during the fall. For them, not only food gifts are good but also cosmetics make great presents, and some Korean cosmetics stores have promoted different kinds of gift items for those women.

For the first time in Boston, Coco Cosmetics in H Mart (Burlington) is offering a 30% sale event on some of the LG cosmetic items, celebrating Chuseok. There are gift value sets of Jin Yool and In Hyangproduct lines from WHOO, the oriental medicine cosmetic brand, and Isa Knox. Since the event is a limited offer, people may have to rush.

Another famous Korean company, Amore Pacific, is also holding a
‘Chuseok’ event for the customers that have been using their products.If a customer buys an IOPE Super Vital or IOPE Retinol product, she or he will be given either a lip-gloss or mirror as a free gift.
At Shiseido Cosmetics, located in Porter Square, Cambridge, for customers who purchase items totaling over $59, they are providing a $50 value travel set as a gift.

Morever, Jessica Beauty in the Chinese grocery store, Kam Man Market Place, has prepared two kinds of value sets, eye-cream and nutritious enrichment products. Anyone who buys this value set will be presented with $20 worth of free gifts.

Lastly, Jung Kwan Jang, the Korean red ginseng store, located in H Mart, is providing a Chuseokevent until October 7th. Healthy products, such as red ginseng, are suitable gifts for parents or elderly people.
For customers purchasingHong Sam Ton Gold, either 1 box of Hong Sam Won (30 packs) or 1 box of Hong Sam Jung Cha (50 teabags) is free. Also, for those who purchase a bottle of Hong Sam JungGold (50g) or Hong Sam CapsuleGold (100 capsules), a choice of Hong Sam Jung Hwan (31.5g), Hong Sam Candy (240g) or Hong Sam Cha (50 teabags) will be free.

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