Take a Gondola Ride in the Charles River!
보스톤코리아  2014-11-05, 14:22:59 

Take a Gondola Ride in the Charles River!

(보스톤 = 보스톤코리아) 이지선 아이리포터 =  One day as I was jogging in the Esplanade on the Charles River, I saw the strangest yet most exquisite sight: a gondola like the ones from Venice! Surely enough, the boat and the gondolier seemed out of place for one second but it seemed like a great experience to see Boston from the river.


Ever wondered how to celebrate a memorable birthday, anniversary, or even a proposal to a special someone? Boston offers gondola rides from early May to mid-October by the company “Gondola di Venezia”, or well known as “Boston’s Best Kept Secret”. What makes Gondola di Venezia so unique is that each gondola boat is built and shipped from Venice, Italy. By keeping the old Venetian traditions, the gondola experience is no different than the original one in Venice. Nestled in the Esplanade on the Charles River, they offer a private tour of Boston and Cambridge skylines through three distinct tour packages, starting at $99. The packages might include snacks on board of cheese, crackers, chocolates, and strawberries, an accordion player, or a dozen roses. You may bring a bottle of wine or champagne of your choice.


It’s a perfect event for couples to sit back, sip some champagne, listen to Italian music, and indulge the sights of Boston, including a lovely sunset. Relax in the river and enjoy a night you will never forget! A Boston gondola ride will make a sweet memory of your stay in Boston. 


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Take a Gondola Ride in the Charles River! 2014.11.05
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