Boston Korean Restaurants’ Special World Cup Promotion
Bostonkorea  2010-07-21, 12:48:58 
HyunCheon Kim
Translated by Kelly Choi

Complimentary Beer Party and Soju

The Korean restaurants that broadcasted the Nigeria match last Tuesday have prepared a special promotion for the Quarter Finals against Uruguay this coming Saturday at 10 AM.

Sik Gaek in Allston said they will host a chicken and beer party if the Korean team makes the quarter finals.
“We became one through the soccer. Red Devils stood up at every dramatic moment, and I could feel their energy. It was a good afternoon.” said the owner, Yujin Kim, who also reported that passionate  support from student customers had filled his restaurant.

Myungdong 1 Ave in Allston and New Seoul BBQ in Canton said they will offer complimentary Soju.
The Korean Garden charged an admission fee to the Greece match and the Argentina match and donated the money to the Boston Korean-American Senior Citizen’s Association  last Tuesday.

The Korean Garden offered a lunch buffet, which supporters came early to enjoy before watching the game.
Myungdong 1 Ave was full of Koreans and Korean students, and had to install more tables for those customers who joined later. The supporters toasted rice wine for getting into the top 16s.

Sik Gaek was full of students as well, and had to change their event special to fried chicken and beer when their original special, a traditional chicken dish, ran out.
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