Ki Sung-Young, small fan meeting with Korean students
Bostonkorea  2010-07-26, 15:55:48 
SoYeon Lee
Translated by SoYeon Lee

Friendly conversation with fans “I want to study and enjoy college life”

After the friendly game against Portugal Sporting, Korea’s national soccer player Ki Sung-Young had a small meeting with his fans at the W Hotel on Wednesday night.

It was around 11pm at night when we met up with Ki Sung-Young.  After playing full 90 minutes, Ki seemed tired but did not hesitate to sign autographs and have conversations with his fans for 2 hours.  Ki and fans got a chance to talk while eating one of Ki’s favorite Korean foods, marinated chicken.

Just like his nickname ‘doll-faced’, Ki Sung-Young was tall and handsome.

When we asked about his impression of Boston, he said he was not sure since the only time he went outside was to workout at the park. But he mentioned that Boston seemed like a nice city just like Scotland. 

Ki Sung-Young said that he enjoys all the hobbies that people at his age enjoy. As a devoted Christian, Ki mentioned that he does not like to drink at all.

Even though he toured many countries, he said it was his first time having a small meeting with his fans. Through his pre-season tour, Ki visited America for the first time and said he wants to tour America if he ever gets free time to do so.

Joining the Celtic FC after the World Cup, Ki seemed slimmer with all the training and games. Even though his fans threw many questions at Ki, he did not seem to mind. He answered all the questions with a smile and even led friendly conversations with his fans.

For the preparation of the regular season, Ki left for Scotland on 22nd. It was hard to see Ki Sung-Young as a soccer prestige that night. He was just like a typical 21-year old college student who liked to socialize with his friends.
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