Korean Man Murders His Parents in Rhode Island
보스톤코리아  2013-08-05, 11:44:53 
Written by Myong Sool Chang  / Translated by Risa Kim

According to the Providence journal, during the police search at the house located in Noto Drive, the bodies of Young Yu(60) and Yeon Yu(61) were wrapped in bed sheets and found in the basement and the 2nd floor bedroom. Police arrested Mark Yu at the scene.

In Kent County District Court, Mark Yu(36) was charged with two counts of murder and two counts of failing to report the deaths on July 15th. In court, Yu spoke clearly and coherently but the court agreed on a competency review for him. The judge denied bail of Mark Yu, and his bail-review hearing will be on the 29th. 

The police went on the search for the couple after the police received a call from Yu's relative asking for their safety because they have not been heard recently. 

When the Police officers arrived at the scene, they found the mailbox stuffed with mails, and a black car parked in the garage. According to a neighbor, the last day of the postmark was on July 9th. When there was no response from the house, the police entered the house through the open door of the garage and searched every room. 

The police opened the locked bathroom and Mark Yu was found and arrested after the dead body of Young Yu was found wrapped in bed sheets in the 2nd floor bedroom. The dead body of Yeon Yu was also wrapped with bed sheets and was found in the basement. The autopsy of these two bodies revealed that they died of blunt-force trauma. 

The police are still investigating for the motive of the crime. North Providence's acting Police Chief Paul Martellini announced that this case is still being investigated so he cannot confirm Yu's ethnicity.  

However, an owner of a grocery store confirmed that the Yu family is a Korean-American family. According to this Korean owner, the family was not normal and it seemed as if the son had a psychological problem. The consulate general revealed that the family members are American citizens from South Korea.

The house of the scene is a modern architecture based 2 story house near Wenscott Reservoir in North Providence. Located in a quiet place, the Yu couple rented and lived in this place since last year. Mark Yu lived with his parents.

One neighbor said "This is devastating. I do not know anything about the Yu family. One thing I know is that they moved in at midnight of Halloween (October 30th) last year"
The couple living across from the Yu family revealed more specifics about the family compared to other neighbors. Yu family moved last year from New York and worked as dental technician in the house. They have two sons, and the youngest son lives in New York. They did not associate with neighbors and was only seen when the couple went out of the house in their car. 

This neighboring couple saw Mark Yu practicing Tae Kwon Do on his lawn 2 weeks before the incident, and revealed that they are devastated and embarrassed of this incident.


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Korean Man Murders His Parents in Rhode Island 2013.08.05
Written by Myong Sool Chang  / Translated by Risa KimAccording to the Providence jour..
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