Clara Lee, the Winner of the Asian Fashion Supermodel Competition in Boston
보스톤코리아  2011-11-21, 16:32:56 
By HyunCheon Kim
Translated by SeungYoun Woo

The second year winner of the Asian Fashion Supermodel Competition went to Korean American. On last Sunday, the 23rd, in Chinatown, the International Fashion Supermodel Competition in Boston was held for the second time. Among the about 30 competitors, Hyun-Ju Lee (Clara Lee, 23) won the final runway part of the competition. She became the first Korean to win the competition in Boston.

One of the judges of the competition, Leo, from Asian Boston Media Group, said, “Clara is a model with many different characteristics. When it was the moment the stage was changing from formal to trendy, she was very dynamic and attractive. I say this is one of the parts that she was well-appealed to the judges.”

Lee will be qualified to join the International Supermodel Competition in LA on this 29th as a Boston representative with Caila Quinn, the final winner of the Photograph part.
During the first stage, she was elegant with long black dress that reminds of a mermaid. Then, during the second stage, she wore a poncho top with her shoulders and chest exposed and long boots to show trendy fashion. The gigantic ribbon on hair that attracted judges’ eyes was made by her.

Lee also tried hard during the runway to appeal herself by making eye-contact with the audiences. Audiences paid tribute by shouting the world “Tta-bong,” which means “You are the best” in Korean.
“I didn’t know it was me when the judges called the winner’s name. This is what I wanted for many years. I felt that I can achieve anything if I try hard,” says Lee.

The International Fashion Supermodel Competition, hosted by Asian Boston Media Group held the first competition last year. The competition receives participants from New England and New York and it selects one final winner for each of runway and photographic parts. Then, the final two winners are allowed to participate the International Fashion Supermodel Competition in LA to compete with participants from the other countries.

Participants are required to be in the range of 17 to 29 years old. Their height is required as 5’6’’ or above for the runway part and 5’6’’ or below for the photographic part.
The last year’s winner of the runway part, Nomin Ganbol, is now working as a model.

Three Korean Women Combining Knowledge and Beauty, “We are Challenging the Asian Supermodel.”
The International Fashion Supermodel Competition was held for the second time and there were three Korean participants. It has been an advance compared to the last year’s only one Korean participant. Other than Hyun-Ju Lee, the final winner, there were Min-Ji Cho (23) from Boston University, and Hye-Min Yang (25) from Harvard University.

Hyun-Ju Lee (Clara Lee, Business Consultant, Fashion Stylist/Designer)
Hyun-Ju Lee, who likes “being in front of many people and lead them and love[s] to do creative work” had great aspiration to be on the stage in order to “show my talent as one of the representatives of Korean community in Boston.”
Height: 5’6’’, Weight: 116lbs, Body Size: 33in, 23in, 33in.

Lee, such a talented worker and has very active characteristic, is working as a business consultant and fashion stylist/designer. She enjoys to read, write, song and dance. She also wants to host a TV show like Oprah Winfrey.

She is currently writing a book about self-development. She said, “My ultimate goal of my life is to build up many different kinds of experience; then, I want to travel around the world to help people and encourage them.”

Lee, graduated Boston University last year, is now occupied with specialized job. She is very enthusiastic about self-development that she never stayed at home during vacations due to work or internship.

As a Korean American, Lee has “never lost self-respect of being Korean since 12 years ago when [she] first immigrated. I would like to work not only in the U.S. but also in Asia with introducing Korea.”
Lee, who says she is developing herself by always having enough sleep, well-regulated life and positive view, believes that “True beauty is not all about what’s seen outside but is about what’s coming out from inside.”

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