‘Bibimbap Backpackers’ Tour Around the World
보스톤코리아  2012-11-26, 14:22:05 
The ‘Bibimbap Backpackers’, a team introducing Bibimbap by trekking around the world, visited Boston for a week, from November 3 to 10.

Beginning withBoston University on November 3, and continuing on to Harvard and MIT on November 9, the team has made Bibimbap and provided free samples.

Also on November 7, they threw a party at Harvard University with more Korean foods, such as Odeng Tang (Fish Cake Soup), Tteokbokki and Bulgogi, and finally they had an event in Harvard Square on the 10th.

Sung-yeop, a member of the ‘Bibimbap Backpackers’, said, “Mostly, Korean and local students stopped by. It’s also true that those Korean students who study abroad don’t get much chance to introduce their home country’s culture to other nations. I'm very proud of beinga member of the ‘Bibimbap Backpackers’ and seeing how Koreans living in other countries are enjoying our activity also.”

Another member, Ji-ae, said, “As soon as we set up the tables at Harvard and MIT, many people gathered around and they started to take free samples. Some even took two dishes to share with their friends.”


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